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playnowOnline Hearts is the #1 destination on the Internet for enthusiasts of the card game Hearts. We provide you with all of the news, strategy, and information from the world of Hearts all in one convenient place. At we have brought together everything from the best places to play Hearts online, to the best strategies for playing the game, all in one easy to find and easy to navigate location.

Best Online Hearts Sites

Many Hearts players are simply unaware that the Internet offers real-money Hearts games, which is why we have searched every corner of the web to find the best places to play Hearts, as well as scouring each site for the very best bonuses and promotions so you don’t have to.

Below you will find our experts’ choices for the best places to play Hearts online. We have scoured the Internet to find real-money Hearts sites, as well as some of the more popular “for-fun” Hearts sites, ranking each based on a number of criteria including software, security, promotions offered, and of course skill level of the other players. Included with each Hearts website is a quick overview of the promotions and benefits they have to offer.

Online Hearts Reviews

Our in-depth reviews have been written by online Hearts players, for online Hearts players. In addition to our own experiences at these sites we welcome our community to contribute to these reviews in the comments section of each review. Our goal at is to steer you towards the best outlets for Hearts action on the Internet and not to promote a specific site or sites, which makes our reviews the most independent and up-to-date on the Internet.

Playing Hearts Online

Most players first come into contact with the game of Hearts thanks to its inclusion by Microsoft as one of the “games” offered with their Windows Operating System. Anyone who has ever sat behind a desk or worked in a job that required a computer terminal is familiar with the game; to the absolute loathing of their bosses! However, the game of Hearts is not just a fun computer game, the game has been around for centuries in one form or another, and is one of the most popular “trick-taking” games in the world.
Many Windows Hearts players graduate to playing at Yahoo or MSN, where they can compete against other players from across the Internet, but these sites offer very poor software, and allow the other players to quit the games or stall the action if they are losing. Because of this players are constantly searching for a site for serious Hearts players where they can compete at a high-level in fair games.

These sites do exist, and we have put together a complete list of the best of these sites. (Currently no sites offer online hearts at a level we would recommend. We do recommend trying Poker instead and BetOnline Poker is the best site to learn the game of poker.) So whether you are looking to play for fun or to even test your Hearts ability in real-money games the sites we have listed above will have you covered. This should help you find the best online casino to play online hearts that suits your needs.

Playing Hearts online does offer you –the player– some advantages that you cannot gain playing across a table from a live opponent:

•    First off, you can keep track of the cards as they are played by using either a spreadsheet or your own form of shorthand. Even though this is disallowed in a regular game of Hearts played with real people, if you are not taking advantage of this capability you can be sure your online opponents are!

•    Another benefit is the option to play for small amounts of money as you learn the game or improve your skills. Unlike a Hearts tournament, or even a game in the backroom of a bar which may cost $20 a game to play, online you can play for very small amounts until you are comfortable with your Hearts abilities. Just remember it’s not real money poker your playing or Blackjack.

•    A final benefit is the ranking systems many sites employ. These rankings allow you to gauge the relative skill level of your opponent before deciding if this is a match you want to be part of.

Online Hearts sites typically implement the “standard” rules of the game. But for players who like a little bit more of a challenge, or grew up on a different variation of the game you’ll also find some sites that offer some of the many Hearts variants that exist in the world.

The Information we Provide

At we provide a lot more information than where to play and what sites offer real-money online Hearts games. In addition to all of this useful information on online Hearts you’ll also learn about the basic strategies of the game and we cover advanced strategies for Hearts as well, where you’ll learn everything from Bleeding and Defending Spades, to creating Voids in your hand, to Shooting the Moon tips. We also provide information on the following topics:
•    What cards to pass
•    The importance of counting cards
•    Hearts Variants throughout the world
•    Game-play basics of Hearts
•    Origins of the game of Hearts


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